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" We all know very well that
health is the most important thing
in our life, and life is water. "
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Here's your Aqua Now system.
Aqua Now X is an innovative product for water filtration, which is produced using a 3D printer. The main material used for production is wood. The tank builds plastic from medical granulate (ISO 10993 certificate).
The exchangeable filter cartridge is built of innovative solutions. The filter is suitable for tap water and is made of the best quality materials (BPA FREE). At Aqua Now X we have created a balance between high quality filtered water and the price.
Our bottle (800ml) is made of plastic including TRITAN (without BPA). Water storage is now possible without loss of quality. After a few uses you will not feel the unpleasant smell typical of classical plastic bottles. TRITAN is a plastic with the properties of glass, but has a high resistance to mechanical damage.
Furthermore, a special cartridge has been added to the bottle thanks to which you can add fresh fruit and enjoy your own taste of water!